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ONE Financial Launches Profit Lock-In Note Family, Series 2

Toronto, Ontario - April 11, 2006

ONE Financial today announced it is launching the second series of its Profit Lock-In™ and Profit Lock-In & Cashflow™ Notes. The launch follows positive investment community response to the first series in this guaranteed linked note (GLN) family.

According to ONE Financial's president and CEO, Jeffrey O'Brien, series two continues to provide features designed to increase the security and positive return potential of an investment. "When we launched Canada's only family of GLNs, we strongly believed investors would react favourably to their compelling benefits," he says. "This includes a guarantee that covers not only the original investment but also the highest value achieved by the underlying investment at any time during the term of the note. And, investors can switch at any time between the family's underlying investment classes to respond to changing market conditions or personal investment objectives. Now, with a second series, investors can continue to benefit from these unique features."

Similar to a traditional guaranteed investment certificate (GIC), a GLN is principal protected. A GLN's returns, however, are linked to various growth- or high income- oriented asset categories that generally provide the potential for much higher returns than with a GIC. Unlike a GIC, GLNs are usually cashable in a weekly secondary market prior to maturity. The ONE Financial Profit Lock-In and the ONE Financial Profit Lock-In & Cashflow Notes offer five classes of notes based on different underlying investments, including gold, baskets of high-dividend paying stocks, income trusts and stock market indexes from the G7 countries. The notes are guaranteed to repay 100% of an original investment as well as the highest value achieved by the note during its term if held to maturity. Additionally, The Profit Lock-In & Cashflow Notes offer tax-efficient return of capital on a quarterly basis. ONE Financial's family of notes is guaranteed by BNP Paribas, the world's sixth largest bank.

Says O'Brien, "Launching the first series of notes was a historical moment for the company because no other Canadian investment firm provides an entire family of notes. Now, we're further enhancing our position as a leader and innovator by issuing the family's second series. The demand we're seeing is a positive indication for not only ONE Financial, but also for the notes category in general."

ONE Financial is focused on providing Canadian investors and their financial advisors with innovative wealth management solutions. Since pioneering the introduction of the first stock-market linked note to Canadian financial advisors and their investors in 2002, ONE Financial has raised approximately $285 million in this exciting asset class. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and is one of Canada's fastest growing investment firms.

Important Information

Important details about each of the Notes are described in each product's Master Information Statement and the relevant Information Statement Supplement (the "Offering Documents"); investors should obtain and read carefully a copy of the relevant Offering Documents (available on request) prior to investing, paying particular attention to the risks associated with an investment in the relevant Notes.